Every Saturday at 10AM EST, for the past 4 years, I host a radio show on WNFZ 94.3 FM (Knox Talk Radio) titled “Fix It or Flip It With Chuck Ward”, centered around real estate investing. By listening to my show, you can gain free insight into the minds of my expert guests and I, as we discuss the joys and pitfalls of buying, fixing and selling real estate for profit. http://www.knoxtalkradio.com/ for live streaming.

You could say that I have been flipping houses since I was 10 years old, when I would help my father fix up homes and then resell them for a profit. I flipped my first property without my dad around my 21st birthday. Today, almost 30 years later, my company, Chuck Ward Real Estate Investments has fixed & flipped nearly 800 houses to date.



Chuck Ward Real Estate Investments can help:
✔ Buyers: Get a great deal on a remodeled home under market value;

✔ Realtors: If you bring me a great deal, I will purchase it, remodel it and let you re-list the property. I purchase houses AS IS;

✔ Newbie Investors: New to the business? I can teach you how to find houses, secure financing, remodel, market and flip using houses I have found to flip, while splitting the profits with you;

✔ Seasoned Investors: Don’t have a crew? Have some money or credit to partner with on a property with me? Call me for details;

✔ Sellers Facing Foreclosure: I can purchase your home AS IS and help you save your credit. Do not hesitate, please call me today;

✔ Estate Owners: Unload your inherited properties fast and without the hassles that normally accompanies selling inherited property;

Call me TODAY! 865-924-9872

~Chuck Ward – The King of Flipping™